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For over 90 years, Porreca, now in the third generation, has been creating lighting fittings that meet the needs of our customers. A mix of experience, quality and style strongly identifies our production on the national and international markets as MADE IN ITALY.
Our Company specializes in the production of decorative indoor lighting fittings, made with quality materials and artisanal techniques handed down for generations.
Our products show a classic design and are revisited in a contemporary key in order to satisfy the evolving styles and tastes of our customers.


The entire production, conceived and designed in-house, is carried out by our master craftsmen, who elegantly combine the processing of brass and die-castings with components such as crystals, Murano glass and fabric lampshades. Our lighting objects decorate your homes with taste, style and refinement.

Our products are made with the utmost care, paying attention to the choice of materials, to the cleanliness of finishes and decorations meant to last.

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The brand Porreca Illuminazione  stands for Made in Italy - an all-Italian manufacture



Via Aspreno Galante 134/136
80144 Naples, Italy

Via Provinciale di Caserta, 137
80144 Naples, Italy


Telefono  +39 81 7362199

Fax  +39 81 7386079



P. IVA  04583310638

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